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Monday 27 November 2006
I am shocked to read that the people's representatives were behind the destruction of Nuku'alofa. Tonga is on the verge of bankruptcy and they claim victory? - Eleanor Gee
Monday 27 November 2006
Nuku'alofa, Tonga
What we have seen was reminding me of the Holocaust, just as Nazis did to the Jews, 'ko e loto ‘oku kovi' A biblical country thought that everything on the media is like reading a bible, everything is '“true'. Then I wonder how come some of us take advantage of the easy brain wash people while you step aside and eat candy! - ‘Asipeli Mafi
Sunday 26 November 2006
San Francisco,California, USA
For more than a decade, I have listened to the propaganda of Mr. Akilisi Pohiva, and rightly voiced my support toward his cause amongst my peers. In the months leading to the general strikes by the civil servants, and following, the message to be received from Mr. Akilisi Pohiva was of hatred and violence; always promoting and planting the seeds for a revolution and anarchy. - Lochlein Sekona
Saturday 25 November 2006
Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.
Double-talking gives comfort to these terrorists who took the law into their own hands: violating people...’s freedom, violating their right to live in peace without fear, to enjoy their human rights of 'dignity', and the democratic right to own properties. - Sione Mokofisia
Saturday 25 November 2006
Please do not lose sight of those who orchestrated and put in motion the rapid decline of your economy. Yes, the Crown Prince and family are right in the middle of this mess, but a closer look at this situation is prudent. - Myron Wilson
Saturday 25 November 2006
London, UK
I remember reading somewhere that Akilisi Pohiva once said that the current King of Tonga is out of touch with his people. However, recently, when HM King George Tupou V completed his tour of the Tonga islands, his trip was hailed a great success due to his approachable manner by all who saw and met him. Could it be that Akilisi and his fellow People's Representatives are in fact the ones who are out of touch with the people of Tonga? - Ilanu Finau
Friday 24 November 2006
A poetic tearful lamentation at what has befallen in our beautiful island. - By Fr. Dr. Mikaele Paunga
Friday 24 November 2006
Sydney, Australlia
I would like to express my deep sorrow to hear that such events have taken place in our motherland, Tongatapu. An island and people, once upon a time, offered up to God by our King ‘Otua mo Tonga ko hoku tufi‘a. What the people haven't thought of is the precedent they have now set. They have unknowingly or if willingly, publicly opened up the land of Tonga to a world of violence and disobedience, outlaw and ruthlessness. - Amanda Kalauta
Friday 24 November 2006
San Francisco, USA
Could the recent tragic events in Tonga have been avoided by its Parliament? I would like to think that "common sense" could and should have warned its educated members that there were eminent dangers looming by and urgent measures were needed to thwart them. I think that it's time for the leaders of the government to stop the games; the people are now smarter and fed up. - Siosaia Fatani