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A precedent for violence and disobedience has been set

Sydney, Australlia


My name is Amanda Tu‘’itamala Kalauta from Sydney, Australia and below is a little letter on my thoughts of what has happened in Tonga. I am a Tongan born Australian and this news has really hit the heart of the make up of me as a person and as the culture of which I have come from. I would like it to be published on the Matangi Tonga.

I would like to express my deep sorrow to hear that such events have taken place in our motherland, Tongatapu. An island and people, once upon a time, offered up to God by our King ‘Otua mo Tonga ko hoku tufi‘’a. What the people haven'’t thought of is the precedent they have now set. They have unknowingly or if willingly, publicly opened up the land of Tonga to a world of violence and disobedience, outlaw and ruthlessness. Political issues have burdened the lives of our friendly natured brothers and sisters and country and greed and pride have corrupted our so called guardians of the land.

If we are not heard or if we do not get our way will we burn down the city again? Or will we turn to violence? None of these are acceptable and are very disruptive and abusive behaviour. If you and your spouse have an argument do you prefer to burn each other up and have the neighbours come to help you both to come to your senses or would you prefer to be stable enough to sit and pray with and for each other until the dispute becomes no more? We preach daily to our children to forgive and have peace yet we are the same ones out there causing mayhem!? What will Tonga be for the generations to come? A third-world country in constant political battle? Our country is a poor land, with rich harvest and rich people...… let us not trade the richness of our people to have an economically rich country under the spell of corruption and evil.

Let us all repent and turn back to God. Let us pray for our leaders for guidance and clarity of mind. Let us pray for unity and protection upon this land. Let us pray for peace in each and every one of us and let us not succumb to the ways of the Western Worlds. Let us pray for patience and every grace we need...… Let us become humble before our Lord Jesus Christ, for this world and lifetime is not what we are to inherit...… it is the one to come....”

Thank you,

Amanda Kalauta

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