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No offshore dredging, sand miners hit best beaches  - 1 comment
rkstoll says:

Mining beaches will have serious long term physical and economic impacts. This is not only a localized beach issue.



  • Tuesday 24 November 2020 1:30pm

    New York, USA
    : New York Times reporting: Emily Murphy, the administrator of the US General Services Administration, on Monday formally designated Joe Biden as the apparent winner of the US presidential election, providing federal funds and resources to begin a transition and authorizing his advisers to begin coordinating with Trump administration officials.


  • Wednesday 25 November 2020 12:03pm

    Washington DC, USA
    : Though it has not come as a surprise, the attack on the credibility of the 2020 election by US President Donald Trump and his Republican Party cannot simply be brushed under the rug of history. Once the norms that underpin constitutional democracy have been tossed aside, there is little left to fight for. America’s failures to address past injustices – including the subjugation of indigenous peoples, slavery, racism, and the deprivations of the poor, immigrants, and the incarcerated – helps to explain why trust in democratic institutions has been so corroded in the first place. Having been made brittle, America’s institutions have long been vulnerable to attack. By Katharina Pistor
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  • Saturday 21 November 2020 3:06pm

    Fasi mo e Afi, Tonga
    : The first question of course is: what are Tongan traditions or traditional customs? Traditions in any place at any time are continuously subject to changes, especially in, what Chinese call, 'interesting' times. One thing is clear: you had in pre-missionary times chiefs and commoners. The commoners were essentially slaves, and any chief could do with them as he pleased. Briefly: the word of the chief was the law. So no need any more of judges, laws or even a Constitution. And after this law change we do not need churches any more, as they are not traditional, and all the faifekau will be fired. And, of course, most parliamentarians are commoners. - Firitia.
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  • Tuesday 17 November 2020 4:46pm

    Nuku'alofa, Tonga
    : Skip's and PTH are pleased to announce the merging of Skip's Custom Joinery and PTH's Aluminium & Glass division in Tonga.
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  • Thursday 5 November 2020 6:07pm

    Nuku'alofa, Tonga
    : PUBLIC NOTICE: To regulate and supervise non-bank financial institutions, the National Reserve Bank of Tonga developed the Moneylenders Act 2018. This Act was proclaimed by Cabinet to come into force on 30th September 2020, and a Gazette notice has been publicly posted and published on the Reserve Bank’s website and Facebook page. The Reserve Bank is requesting that those moneylenders listed in the following Table below please contact the Reserve Bank as soon as possible to apply for a moneylender license. For more information in English and Tongan ... Lao ki hono Tokanga’i mo Pule’i ‘o e Ngaahi Kautaha Nō atu ‘o e Pa’anga ‘i Tonga΄ ...
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