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Times are changing

San Francisco, USA


Could the recent tragic events in Tonga have been avoided by its Parliament? I would like to think that "common sense" could and should have warned its educated members that there were eminent dangers looming by and urgent measures were needed to thwart them. I think that it's time for the leaders of the government to stop the games; the people are now smarter and fed up. "Beating around the bush" and fraudlent informations given to the people simply would not work and have no place anywhere in the world. It's time to start engaging in honest dealings with the people because sooner or later the government and its leaders will pay dearly for their wrongs.

I am not supporting the criminal activities perpetrated by the rioters but I do understand their frustrations and impatience. Many generations of the Tongan people have faced and experienced grave injustices. Frankly, they are tired. They simply want a better life for their families and generations to come. What's so difficult about giving them a fair share of the pie? I may not and will never know the answer for this question; but I know one thing: the tide of change is coming in and if King George Tupou V and his nobles continue to be stubborn and distance themselves from the people, I'm afraid we may not see another coronation in Tonga again.

Yours sincerely,

Siosaia Fatani.

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