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Terrorist Supporter Double-Talking

Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.


Mr. Siosaia Fatani talks out of both sides of his mouth: "I'’m not supporting the criminal activities perpetrated by the rioters...…but I do understand their frustrations and impatience," he writes (Letters, Nov. 24, 2006).

Let me rephrase it with another criminal act like bank robbery: "I'm not supporting the criminal activities of the bank robbers, but I do understand their frustrations and impatience"

Double-talking gives comfort to these terrorists who took the law into their own hands: violating people...’s freedom, violating their right to live in peace without fear, to enjoy their human rights of ...“dignity...”, and the democratic right to own properties.

He also listed his list of ...“many generations of grave injustices,...” ...“they simply want a better life for their families and generations to come,...” and ...“what...’s so difficult about giving them a fair share of the pie?...”

OK, Mr. Fatani, what is the ...“fair share of the pie?...” I want mine, too, and I will not settle for anything less than a Villa just like the King...’s. Would that be a fair piece of the pie?

We both grew up in Tonga Mr. Fatani. The piece of pie you...’re referring to is ...“scarcity...” of available resources to economists due to limited supply, corruptions, under cultivation of available agricultural lands and the rich abundance of fishery products. You and I decided we could fare better overseas, and had the freedom to migrate.

Many of the terrorists in the 11/16 rioting also left, but were deported back to Tonga from the U.S., New Zealand, and Australia. Some were involved in criminal activities before their deportation. It does not look to me that they wanted a ...“fair share of the pie...” while living here in America. It does look to me, though, they take no responsibilities for their illegal actions, no matter where they are.

In addition to their ...“fair share of the pie,...” they want to take mine, too. As you enjoy the Great American Democracy, Mr. Fatani, and the special holiday of Thanksgiving this week, I want you to remember all the people in Tonga who are destitute and unable to celebrate a decent meal like you do:

Many lost their lively hood when their businesses were destroyed;

many lost their jobs because businesses were destroyed;

survived businesses are suffering from high inflation: high prices, no money;

many basic necessities are not available to everyone;

many social services (health, police, transportation, etc.) are reduced;

Innocent people are suffering from crime of racism: threats, properties stolen, and lost of dignity and freedom.

Remember the first lesson in Freedom and Liberty in the American Democracy: Your freedom ends where mine begins.

I wish for my brothers and sisters in Tonga to enjoy this inherent right given to them by the Creator, without fear of intimidation from terrorists.


Sione Ake Mokofisi

s1mokofisi [at] yahoo [dot] com