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Nuku'alofa Holocaust

Nuku'alofa, Tonga


What we have seen was reminding me of the Holocaust, just as Nazis did to the Jews, 'ko e loto ‘oku kovi' A biblical country thought that everything on the media is like reading a bible, everything is '“true'. Then I wonder how come some of us take advantage of the easy brain wash people while you step aside and eat candy!. Let me define the equation of Dictatorship ie. ...“Democracy plus Technology Equals Dictatorship...”, the poor will never survive in it mate. Look Tonga Look!!, where will the blood of these innocent people will go?, it will upon us whom are ...“win, win...”, I am missing ...“Nuku'alofaed...”.

With sympathy whom lost innocently,

...‘Asipeli Mafi

asipelim [at] kalianet [dot] to