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The Real Power in the Kingdom



The people of Tonga are steep in tradition and culture - love for their country and monarchy.

Please do not lose sight of those who orchestrated and put in motion the rapid decline of your economy. Yes, the Crown Prince and family are right in the middle of this mess, but a closer look at this situation is prudent.

The Ramanlals, "Indian Princes", befriended the Crown Prince, became close allies to him and then proceeded to put into effect their manipulative plans that filled their personal coffers. Not only did the Ramanlals feel that the commoners were "dirt eaters" but they also felt the same about the Crown Prince.

The Ramanlals saw the opportunity...the Crown Prince (now King), with no ambition or desire to rule, "Was ripe for the pickings". The "vultures" (Ramanlals) swarmed in (became partners and set themselves up as CEOs in all of the vital services of the kingdom - electricity, communications, air, ocean cargo) and made "the kill" (siphoning millions of dollars from the country and into their personal accounts around the world).

Like robbers, the Ramanlals stole from the people of Tonga and when the "heat is on", like cowards, they turned and ran - first people off the island on the day of the riots. The King is left as cannon fodder. Advocates of criminal syndicalism - the Ramanlals used their status as a means of effecting detrimental economic change, causing malicious damage to property, injury to the people and ultimately inciting the people to riot (this is terrorism).

The people of Tonga know who has the power in the kingdom and hopefully, the King does too. In the King's closing remarks of the parliament, he said "We have to rebuild trust. We have to rebuild hope...We have to rebuild our sense of mutual responsibility to each other..." his first act of contrition should be to immediately sever all ties with Ramanlals for they have egregiously hurt the people of Tonga.

Finally, I hope the King aligns himself with those whose interest is the betterment of the people and the kingdom of Tonga. The irony...this will also benefit the King personally.


Myron Wilson

WILSONM058 [at] hawaii [dot] rr [dot] com