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Pro-Demo betrays my trust

San Francisco,California, USA


For more than a decade, I have listened to the propaganda of Mr. Akilisi Pohiva, and rightly voiced my support toward his cause amongst my peers. In the months leading to the general strikes by the civil servants, and following, the message to be received from Mr. Akilisi Pohiva was of hatred and violence; always promoting and planting the seeds for a revolution and anarchy. The language was to encourage an overthrow of the government through the means of violence.

The leaders of the pro-democracy movement had made a mockery of democracy; they have betrayed my trust!

I like to remind Mr. Akilisi Pohiva the fact that Tonga is a civilized country with law and order. Law that guarantees the protection of her citizens and their property. What happened last week was anarchy and madness; those responsible should be held accountable, this includes the leaders of the pro-democracy movement.

God bless the land of our birth!


Lochlein Sekona

SVMaima [at] aol [dot] com