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Want-to-be-leaders are out of touch with the people

London, UK


I remember reading somewhere that Akilisi Pohiva once said that the current King of Tonga is out of touch with his people. However, recently, when HM King George Tupou V completed his tour of the Tonga islands, his trip was hailed a great success due to his approachable manner by all who saw and met him. Could it be that Akilisi and his fellow People's Representatives are in fact the ones who are out of touch with the people of Tonga? Well, their delayed Guy Fawkes fiasco of last week certainly proved that beyond any reasonable doubt! It is now clear for all to see that the only followers who were willing to listen to these narcissistic fools are unemployed thugs who, before complying with their wishes, must first be plied with plenty of free alcohol! So much for their pulling power! And to think that only a few months ago, King Tupou IV's funeral brought the country to a stand-still and all its people together as one and now this. A shameful affair brought on by a group of want-to-be leaders of Tonga, who are more inclined at looking after their own personal agendas rather than of those who voted for them. Well, I hope they enjoy their last years in Parliament because somehow I think these remaining years will be their last.


Ilanu Finau

finauila [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk