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Wednesday 14 November 2012
Nuku'alofa, Tonga
Monūafe a little islands north of Tongatapu, between Makahaʻa and ʻOnevai. A photograph in 2002, showed the island was a few hundred meters in size. A 2009 photograph showed how waves were rinsing the sand and soil away, leaving dying roots exposed. By 2010 the island had become much smaller. In December 2011, smaller still. By March 2012, almost nothing was left over, and somewhere during the last month, the island has disappeared forever. Who or what did it? Hurricanes? Sea level rise? Sand mining? I think that is the one. – Firitia Velt.
Thursday 8 November 2012
Nuku'alofa, Tonga
Wednesday 14 November will be a day to mark in your calendar as solar eclipse watch day. The moon will shift in front of the sun, blocking out part of its light. For Tonga it will be only a partial eclipse, not so interesting, but we will not get anything better than that for a long time, so you better watch. - Firitia Velt.
Sunday 21 October 2012
Tonga is a jewel in the Pacific and is greatly loved by God. Because God loves Tonga, He wants to prosper and bless the nation far above what we can imagine. - Pastor Brian Steele.
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Sunday 21 October 2012
Nuku'alofa, Tonga
While a food safe Act could benefit Tongans, the Bill as proposed has the potential to cripple the domestic economy, especially small and informal businesses, and open new pathways for intimidation and corruption. Heavy-handed regulations may make sense for the European Union, but for Tonga this is potentially a deeply destabilizing Act. – Samisoni Tuloa.
Saturday 20 October 2012
Nuku'alofa, Tonga
I am writing concerning a set of new bills that are to be introduced into the House for enactment into Law. I have noted a few points. 1. Consolidate a huge amount of legal power in the hands of very few and possibly unelected officials, and 2. Provide the platform for more such bills by precedence, creating a highly corrosive and corruptible government and legal environment. – Samisoni Tuloa.
Wednesday 10 October 2012
Auckland, New Zealand
I've got no personal axe to grind with PTOA leader 'Akilisi Pohiva but I think he has forgotten, to the detriment of his party and to himself, that politics is the art of being practical. Although he is paying dearly for this oversight, the rest of the country are also footing the bill for the absence of any effective opposition in the House - and denying us the fruits of an effective democracy. - Sefita Hao'uli.
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Sunday 30 September 2012
Lafayette Ca., USA
I had the pleasure of knowing Taufa Talakai (63) from Tonga, over many years when she worked in and around San Francisco, CA. Taufa was such a wonderful caregiver and she became an important person to all in our family. We have lost touch with Taufa, I would be very grateful if you can help me find her again. - Martha P. Harris
Tuesday 28 August 2012
Nuku'alofa, Tonga
This letter is an expression of my thoughts and feeling about the death of a fellow Tongan, a hero and our pride in the New Zealand Police Force, whose beautiful life was cruelly snuffed out of this world. – Naomi Fakauka.
Saturday 25 August 2012
New Zealand
We migrated from Tonga to NZ, and pick up the difference of policing service. We feel safe/secured in NZ, not fear. – Tasi 'Ahio.
Saturday 25 August 2012
Auckland, New Zealand
I write with regret at receiving the news of fallen hero and family member, Kali Fungavaka. Now, Tonga, so-called Friendly Islands, needs to deal with the reality that they are harbouring bigger problems than it imagined. We are not only
 facing an economic crisis in the Kingdom but a crisis of greater proportion. - Justice Fonua, Papatoetoe, New Zealand.
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Friday 24 August 2012
Dunedin, New Zealand
I was shocked and saddened to read the news that a New Zealand Police Officer has died after an incident in the Police cells at Nuku'alofa Police Station. I cannot comment on the specific facts of the case but it does raise real concerns about progress within the law and justice sector in Tonga. - Chris Kelley, Tonga's Former Police Commissioner.
Friday 17 August 2012
Vaini, Tongatapu, Tonga
My house was robbed last year in November with goods worth over $20,000 stolen. Three months later (this year), a further break-in occurred. With utter frustration and annoyance, I arrived at the Police station angrily demanding a response. - 'Amelia 'Ofakineiafu.
Friday 29 June 2012
England, United Kingdom
The letter submitted to Parliament by the Democratic Party asking for a ‘vote of no confidence’ in the performance of the PM contains the following points: 1. That the PM reshuffled his ministers once, twice or thrice; 2. That he was not chosen by the people; and 3. That he was unreliable. What? Is that it? - Senolita Swan
Thursday 28 June 2012
Honolulu, Hawai'i
Just when Tongans around the world are comfortable with Prime Minister Tu'ivakano's new democratically elected government, the opposition dropped this bomb in Parliament House with the filing of a no confidence vote, on the first democratically elected Prime Minister in the history of Tonga. - MT Tuaileva,
Monday 18 June 2012
Salt Lake City, Utah
Late Island's coastline is rugged for landing by large boats, but a dinghy could find a suitable landing place on the northern shorelines. I was stranded on Late Island for a week with two Vava'u strangers as guides when I was 18 years old. - Sione Ake-mei-hakau Mokofisi.
Saturday 3 March 2012
Ma'ufanga, Tonga
To those of us here in Tonga who have been affected by redevelopment contract administration, the whole episode reeks of a cover up and manipulated contract awards, so Dr [Teena] Brown Pulu's claim of unsubstantiated allegations is likely to be challenged on several fronts. - Henry Garrahy.
Thursday 23 February 2012
Burscough, England
I am writing to you to see if your school would be interested in twinning with my school as part of the “Olympic Spirit” in preparation for the upcoming Olympics. I thought it would be great for our children to see where the athletes have come from and learn about their culture and lives. - Dave Rogers, Burscough Priory Science College.
Tuesday 10 January 2012
Nuku'alofa, Tonga
My 'Ikale Tahi team for the 2011 Rugby World Cup, including players who won't/can't/not allowed to play. - Lano Fonua.
Monday 9 January 2012
Auckland, New Zealand
"Project Revival" is intended to support Tonga's private sector, because it is very weak. Total exports is only around $US22 million a year. Income from Tourism is probably around $40 million a year etc. We need to increase it by supporting what is happening in Tonga at the moment. – Semisi Pone.
Tuesday 27 December 2011
We the Tongan students at the Australian National University (ANU) are extremely proud to register our humble appreciation and excitement over the recent achievement by Her Royal Highness, Princess Angelika Tuku'aho of a second Master's degree. – Nesi, 'Ana, Tonga mo Peni.