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Tuesday 2 March 2004
Manchester, United Kingdom
It is very interesting how the US Ambassador elaborates the uniqueness of Tonga in his previous ABC radio interview.- A. Tu'i
Friday 20 February 2004
Salt Lake City-Utah, USA
I have been enjoying your website tremendously. Believe it or not, I found the site by mistake. - Joe Katoa
Tuesday 17 February 2004
Sydney, Australia
What is a true Tongan? What have we inherited? I was born overseas and I was led to believe that the true Tongan was either the monarchy or persons born in Tonga, bred Tongan and lived the Tongan way of life, culturally, socially and traditionally. The motto on the Tongan coat of arms says: "God and Tonga are my inheritance". For many young Tongans the question is, an inheritance to what? - Andrew Fifita J.P.
Friday 13 February 2004
Rarotonga, Cook Islands
A few decades ago, Tonga was looked up to as the leading nation in the Pacific Islands. Its people had the highest standards of living, income and independence. This is no longer the case. Elite privilege has become more concentrated and reactionary; the economy and society stagnated as a result. - Ron Crocombe