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What more can we ask for?

Manchester, United Kingdom

Dear Sir,

It is very interesting how the US Ambassador elaborates the uniqueness of Tonga in his previous ABC radio interview.

He clearly indicated two things. Firstly, the nature of the political make-up of the government and secondly, the independence of individual freedom from government.

He then went on to describe the reality of the Tongan typical attitude, and the heart of their life - adorable, devout, loving and caring. These are realities of life that are hardly found these days in the world where materialistic wealth is more than abundant. The question is, how does Tonga happen to have this kind of security in these days and age of chaos?

It is obvious, this reality is not directly link with the economy - money or materialistic wealth. In other words, economy has never been a determining factor to Tonga's lifestyle.

It boils down to family security, where everyone owns their land, freely use the ocean and should be able to breath free air, god forbids. Everyone grows up in families that deals with their own problems actively. This is a very fundamental humanistic approach - everyone takes responsibility for their own problems. They provide advices, social support, financial welfare and morale guidance. It does not bear much social burden in society as a whole. Should any particular have a problem, they are responsible for settling it. Particarly, everything are not politicised.

Then it brings us to the idea of our political body make-up. Given the freedom to land, ocean and air, the estate holders - who are the nobles and the King - provides the leadership as heads of village life and the nation as a whole. With governmental heads of departments - ministers, and the representatives of the people in the legislative assemblies, their terms of reference revolves around making ends meet given have the equal free access to everything. This is so unique for Tonga. Effectively, the whole world have to pay for their land in large amounts for their entire life! They have to pay to use the ocean in large amounts and so on.... What more can we ask for?

It was obviously clear that Tonga's record is of high rank in the world record in terms of freedom. Nothing and no one can deny the fact that we are free to express our opinions anyhow, anytime we want. But how then can we be guaranteed that a special group does not take advantage over the others?

If it is so obvious that Tongans are highly free, devout and happy, how can human right be an issue in Tonga? The issue therefore is NOT freedom of speech and its influences?

It brings us to the fundamental law of nature - honesty is the best policy! Something that politics can never satisfy and no form of government will ever be too perfect to address, whether it be monarchy, democracy or laissez fairez!

Tonga's uniqueness lies with its form of government - a very humanistic approach with godly morals to human rights. Therefore, according to Pope John Paul II said, "Back to the basics (god's word not man's)!" Speak once and and listen twice for nothing happens, but through God.

A Tu'i
Manchester University
United Kingdom