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Tonga's future belongs to us all

Sydney, Australia

Dear Editor,

Previously, I asked the question what is a true Tongan? or what have we inherited? and had the opportunity to read the many comments, concerns and views sent in by many Matangi Tonga readers.

It is amazing to see that so many people do care and want the best for both the country and the people. Its is healthy to question, comment and express a view that will not only challenge our thoughts but our hearts, spirits and values that we cherish as Tongans.

When it comes to the well-being of the Kingdom, sharing your views also shows we all care about the nation's character.

Without the Monarchy Tonga has NO IDENTITY.

The Monarchy defines whom we are as a people, how we are governed as a nation and defines the centre-piece and existence from which Tonga is as a Kingdom, it is also where our values come from and represents to the world whom we are in history, the present, the Pacific region and confirms the blessing and the will of God upon the land.

"Without the People there is NO COUNTRY.

Without the People there is no country to govern, many talk about democracy, self rule, people's representatives, standard of living and every issue you can think of and argue about. But without healthy debate and expression, law and order, spiritual and religious responsibility, accountability and individual sacrifice by ALL Tongans there is no Country. Tonga's history does warn us -for the alternative is anarchy, lawlessness, political upheaval, intolerence and civil war.

Tonga has come so far so fast, our economic and academic development as nation and country in the last 10-20 years has become the envy of many South Pacific Forum nations.

We can be so grateful to both Monarchy and our pioneers for what they have accomplished and achieved in the last centuries, but with changes in time we must hold close to those very ideals and visions by passing them to our younger generation into the immediate future.

The Monarchy needs the People and the People need the Monarchy, we all need each other.

This is what the Tongan Flag is really about, Who We Are and What We Want.

The future does not only belong to the politicians or decision makers but to ALL OF US we all as Tongans have a responsibility to the our nation with the Gods help we can make a difference today.

We all need each other - united we stand but divided we fall.

Tonga is not just about Tongans it's about our nation's character.

Andrew Fifita J.P. (NSW) ACSC
Sydney, Australia.