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Tuesday 19 March 2013
Tasmania, Australia
The changes to the Constitution [clause 23] regarding the ability to continue to sit in the assembly or hold any office means that a "convicted" person who is sentenced to less than 2 years can still sit in the assembly and hold office. This does send a rather odd message to the public and the world - that the Tongan house of parliament and the Cabinet will allow a convicted person, whose character is thereby reduced, to still hold office! - John Cauchi
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Monday 15 March 2004
Sydney, Australia
Previously, I asked the question what is a true Tongan? or what have we inherited? and had the opportunity to read the many comments, concerns and views sent in by many Matangi Tonga readers. It is amazing to see that so many people do care and want the best for both the country and the people. Its is healthy to question, comment and express a view that will not only challenge our thoughts but our hearts, spirits and values that we cherish as Tongans. - Andrew Fifita J.P.