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Concerns over the new government

Nuku'alofa, Tonga

Media Release: “Concerns over the New Government relaxed in implementing changes

The Office of the Prime Minister is obligated to respond in brief to questions and criticisms raised by the liberal news media, and is dubbed to be the wider views of the public at large, as to why the New Government has been slow in instigating the changes they proposed to the constituents and the people of Tonga, prior to election. Such claims appear to be political in nature and aiming to politicize the inception of the Hon. PM ‘Akilisi Pohiva’s government, and yet it is understood they do not represent the majority of the constituents who voted this new government into parliament. 

 The Office of the Prime Minister, however, willingly accepts constructive comments and criticisms from the members of the public, who wish to build Tonga within the spirit of good democracy. Good democracy embraces the principles of Good Governance in which this new government has been actively promoting for Tonga.

 It is worth noting the new government is still in its early stage, and is no difference to other democratic countries around the world, where the incoming government must complete the hand-over of services, resources, and the likes, in a reasonable period of time before changes could be made. 

Such changes would expect to flow into the system together with its new budget in the upcoming financial year, which is scheduled for July 2015. With that in mind, it is advisable the new government under its mission, work ethics and formalized plan would drive the proposed changes.  In the meantime, the pledges of the new government are still unchanged and on course, and will invigorate the machineries of the government towards a much better Tonga. -

Issued by the Prime Minister's Office, Government of Tonga. 11 February 2015.


Good luck for the govt. just do your best and I would like to read your policies. Where can I find it? Malo Sione Tuitavake Fonua