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Our sympathy for families of Ashika disaster victims

New Zealand


Tulou Tulou Tulou,

It is with sadness to watch on the television about the catastrophic incident that happened to the Ashika at Ha'afeva that caused many lives missing. Our prayer, love, and condolences goes to all families in Tonga, UK, and Japan who lost their loved ones in this tragedy. We pray that God's peace and blessing be with you all and God's grace and love abiding, too, may guide you all in this time of sorrow. May our heavenly father can comfort all families, kainga, villages, and churches also give everyone strength to withstand and stand shoulder-to-shoulder and support during this time of grieving.

I would also like to thank everyone, Navy divers from Tonga, New Zealand, and Australia, other local boats and cargo ships, NZ RAF Orion, and all who help to rescue the passengers and crew, and looking for missing ones. Thank also to Tonga Police Chief Commander Chris Kelley and the Police Dept for their effort in trying to get all the names of all passengers who were on board the ferry also to New Zealand and Australian Governments for their support. Also for the people of Tonga and churches for their prayers. We all hope that in the next few days all the missing love ones will be recover and bring some sense of relieve to families.

Lastly Editor, I was very annoyed that during this time of calamity to our beloved country and especially to families who are affected by their lost of love ones, some people especially people's representatives (politicians) are making unwise, rediculous and stupid comments and criticism of government and to various people blaming them.

When a disaster like this happen to the country and even to our family we have to come together and support, pray and ask our Father for comfort, peace, and love. We do not want to hear or use our love ones as a political issue to discuss publicly on radios, TV or any means of media. These people should know very well to give full respect to all families who are still in mourning right now due to the shocking disaster that happen to their love ones. To be fair we should give our faka'apa'apa, ongoi' 'ofa, tokoni, lotu for the families as that is our true cultural practice.

For the affected families,". . . If thoughts of deepest sympathy can comfort you in any way - Please known, in all sincerity. . . Our thoughts are with you day by day. . ."

Faka'apa'apa mo e 'Ofa lahi atu

Viliami T Tiseli

v [dot] tiseli [at] xtra [dot] co [dot] nz