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Wednesday 3 March 2010
Tofoa, Tongatapu
I write to express my great concern about the incorrect . . . article in Matangi Tonga about Lord Dalgety being under 'House Arrest". I am aware that you were informed yesterday (Tuesday March 2) of the facts about Lord Dalgety's bail conditions by my brother Tavake Afeaki. Surely, we have learnt one thing from the Ashika tragedy and Inquiry - which is that we must all fulfil and discharge our duties fully and completely.... If you consider you were misled by the Police 'Press Statement', then by all means state this in your article. -Afeaki
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Tuesday 23 February 2010
Levuka, Fiji
I have been following your coverage of the enquiry and commend your work. As a resident of Levuka and frequent passenger on the Ashika I am not surprised this tragedy occurred.
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Tuesday 22 December 2009
San Diego-California, USA
'Oku 'I ai 'a e faka'apa'apa lahi atu ki he Mafi 'o Amerika Samoa mo 'eku malie'ia 'i he kaveinga 'oku ne lave ki ai. - Lou 'Uhila
Saturday 21 November 2009
Salt Lake City-Utah, USA
Besides being puzzled by the remarkable scientific pronouncements by PM Dr. Sevele and Renewable Energy Coordinator, 'Akau'ola in Vava'u (10 donors . . . 19 Nov 2009), this journalist was also alarmed by the popularity of the Princess Ashika wreckage video showing back in Nuku'alofa. -Sione A. Mokofisi
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Sunday 9 August 2009
New Zealand
It is with sadness to watch on the television about the catastrophic incident that happened to the Ashika at Ha'afeva that caused many lives missing. Our prayer, love, and condolences goes to all families in Tonga, UK, and Japan who lost their loved ones in this tragedy. We pray that God's peace and blessing be with you all and God's grace and love abiding, too, may guide you all in this time of sorrow. May our heavenly father can comfort all families, kainga, villages, and churches also give everyone strength to withstand and stand shoulder-to-shoulder and support during this time of grieving. - Viliami T Tiseli
Saturday 8 August 2009
Nuku'alofa, Tonga
The number of people missing in Tonga's Ashika ferry disaster has grown to 85 today.
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