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In my letter 'Kingdom of Tonga' dated 13/12/07 I said that - quote "I am also baffled as to why a Lawyer chooses to publish an explosive letter to the world and in doing so by-passes or seeks to by-pass the Judiciary System altogether, where criminal cases related to 16/11 incidents are waiting to be heard." Today, I decided to do a bit of research about this Lawyer to see who he really is. I typed in his name to the search box, hit the return key and bingo! Now, I would like to address Mr Harder on this Forum and invite him to explain to the Tongan People the real reason behind the Peace Plan for Tonga. He wrote and published this farcical plan knowing that the possibility of any of it ever happening is virtually Nil.

My conclusion is that Mr Harder published his plan for no other reason than cheap publicity and self promotion. Any publicity is good publicity. Only this time, he is using the plight of the 16/11 incident involving the King of Tonga, His Government and His people to promote Himself.

That is a nasty piece of work Mr Harder. You are having a laugh at the Tongan people...’s expense. Using the Christmas spirit during this festive season to dress up your self promotion sick jokes is unforgivable. If you were at all serious about your plan, you would have presented your idea to the King via the Palace Office. But of course you are not ...– so you flattered the King about his computer knowledge instead.

Mr Harder, the people of Tonga have suffered enough and are desperate to make amends for past mistakes. We don...’t need you to make a pantomime out of it.

PS: Anymore information about 'Akilisi Pohiva's plan for next year Coronation?

'Ofa atu

Senolita Swan

senolita_swan_3 [at] msn [dot] com