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Concerned about what is happening in Tonga

New Zealand

Hi there,

My Name is Salome. Im currently studying at University and I was real concerned about what was happening in Tonga. I have had a lot of emails from my youth in Tonga how schools have been on protest and I'm real disappointed to read about this.

I was wondering what the cause of this is? and why is it taking so long? I'm am Tongan myself yet I would like to understand and also ask who I can email or talk to about it? and why my country is suffering yet my youth are.
I recently came came up to Tonga on the Heilala festival and yes I did enjoy it.

I would like to also be able to be a spokesperson to the people here in New Zealand. At the moment there are a lot of angry, frustrated people who do not know anything yet they seem to be protesting against a lot of different issues or yet not understanding what is really going on.

My opinion is that the government should resolve this, if not why not call in people from New Zealand to help solve this issue that has been identified. Settling the case will be the most rewarding thing in Tonga. But you can not accommodate everyone and that may mean drawing the line between what is good and what will last in the long term. The only worry I have is robbing young peoples future to learn and better themselves. The younger generation are the next leaders of your country.

Thats just my thoughts.

Salome Fiukefu
University Student
most_wantd_bubs [at] hotmail [dot] com