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PM's “Greater Good” education reform, a mission in nepotism

Nuku'alofa, Tonga


Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pōhiva’s empty rhetorics on educational reform is a cover-up for his nepotism schemes. First, he hired his own son as Personal Assistant. Then he created the false alarm with the examination computer system in the Education Department to facilitate hiring his other son and partner’s computer company.

Deny all they want, but school children and their parents are spending out-of-pocket funds to review problems with the students’ exams. The problems are caused due to no fault of the parents and students, but the “untested” computer software introduced by the PM’s son and partner’s company. Additionally, New Zealand universities are no longer accepting examination results from Tonga’s Department of Education due in large part to the implementation of the “raw marks” grading system replacing the “standardization” system. 

Quoting morality, nationalism, and greater good, etc., by the Prime Minister without justification of scientific studies and peer-reviewed research is a conman’s job in this day and age of scientific checks and balances. It is pure propaganda from Government into fooling ordinary folks.  Hardly do those fancy words ever justify the nepotism and favoritism that has come from this PM’s administration. 

Meanwhile, school children and their parents are the innocent victims of a nepotism network scheme.

Sione A. Mokofisi - MBA
Director English, Journalism & Business Management
Moana Uni-Tech, Havelu, Tongatapu


John Kalabu's picture

I cannot confirm nor deny Sione A. Mokofisi's thoughts on nepotism, but what I will say in reading your article "Tonga's Education System 'Bad' says PM" on Monday 30th of May, is that I sense a smoke screen of sorts.

Tonga has an education system that is broken, or "bad" according to the PM. Not once in the article does the PM give his plan or his pathway to how HE will implement change. Where is the 2 year, 5 year, 10 year plan that he has created with his cabinet that will see these issues addressed. We hear and can see the bad, and we don't need the PM to give us his opinions on why HE thinks it so.

We as a people of Tonga deserve to understand what it is "we" all need to get behind and help to support and push for the future of our children. Anyone can yell "Fire" as a wildfire approaches a village...but it takes a leader to gather the village as to how they are going to put this fire out.

Prime Minister thanks for telling us of the Fire .... now please share your Plan as to how we will help put it this case...make Education "Good" again.

John Kalabu