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Overseas Tongans are patriotic


As we look back and reflect on the events of 16/11, it is indeed sad and shocking. The heart of every overseas dwelling Tongan who heard of it, needless to say, would have been broken and in lament. However, the news online about progress made to re-built is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel, especially the plan by the Manukau Council and their aim to build a beautiful city is indeed very uplifting.

Personally speaking, I suppose the time for mud-slinging and finger pointing should be over and done with as the authorities are dealing with bringing justice to the situation. A silver lining is definitely looming over the horizon that clouded the tragic events of 16/11, because now probably a better and larger city will be built to accommodate the rapid growth and expansion the business industry had experienced in the past decade.

With plans to widen the road and the reprieves that the government is offering to the central business district and its entrepreneurs, one can just visualise the positive outcome culminating from recent negative events. Consequently, a new and larger ...‘beautiful city...’ that could portray a different image from the previous town settings, not that there was anything wrong with the previous setting, but the idea here is that we should do away with the blaming and move forward, be united in working together to help build a new Nuku...’alofa. Let...’s not look back and dwell on whose fault it was because, truth be told, we have relatives and family on both sides of the fence.

Commiserations to the victims that suffered and let us hope for better improvements and that peace and justice will prevail in our homeland because for us overseas dwellers we have no right to criticise either political sides because we may not know how it really feels to live in Tonga as there is always two sides to every story, but for most of us abroad we still remain patriotic and uphold at heart ...“Ko e ...‘Otua mo Tonga ko hoku Tofi...’a....”

Faka ...‘apa ...‘apa lahi atu

Tavake Tohi

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emesui [at] sunitafe [dot] edu [dot] au