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Lasike and PRs...Civil Action

Long Beach, California, USA


The latest development on the legal action brought by Lasike and the People Representatives truly deserves a vote of "No Confidence" in the House and the plaintiffs should be booted out of the Legislative Assembly. With a real experienced lawyer like Clive Edwards to take part in a frivolous case of this nature is totally absurd.

These clowns should have known from the beginning that a case like this would take time in court, and it would ultimately block the legislative process from approving the Budget for the next fiscal year which begins on the first of July. But perhaps, this may have been their initial strategy to paralyze the whole country without any appropriation when the new year begins. This would still be in consistent with their backing the 60-70-80 salary hike that has now made the country's finance stagnant. They no longer have any interest in the welfare of the nation. All they are blindly pursuing is their personal political agenda, irregardless of any harm to the country.

The other issue, at hand, is whether the PRs involved care or are serious with the Estimates and the economy of the country at all. It should be noted that with all the years that Akilisi had put in the Legislative Assembly, he has never brought to the table any worthwhile economic proposal or initiative that would help the country. For that matter, none of the PRs involved in the case has. All these years, they have done nothing else but tear down the country and criticize everything that is being done. Furthermore, they do not even realize and are not even aware of the irreparable damages they have done to the country in the international arena.

You wait and see. When the House finally gets back into session, they are going to be really pressured for time. Guess what is going to happen? They are going to work overtime and that will mean extra pay for the PRs. So what is new? They even continued to draw their weekly allowances after filing the injunction that the opening of the LA was illegal. If the House resumes on Monday, they only have 10 sitting days before July starts with the new fiscal year. These PRs are now running around and acting like "chickens with their heads cut off". Such desperation is very dangerous.

It is also interesting to note that Lasike is the "lone ranger" from the nobles' representatives who is heading this civil action. I wonder what he is trying to prove. Has he gone against government because of his pending rape case? No one had anything to do with his most unfortunate predicament. The courts determined that there was indeed a case to be heard, and so it was his own fault and doing that has put him there! Morally, he should have really stayed out in this session until his pending criminal case is settled.

The group are seeking democracy and yet do not even know how to begin to act in a real democratic environment. We cannot jump from the current system to a full democratic model; it has to be a gradual process. With their latest strategies, given the democratic model they are agitating for; they will absolutely bring the nation to chaos and ultimately ruin everything that anyone had ever been proud of about Tonga and Tongans.

I would strongly recommend that Lasike and the PRs involved in this civil case should line up with the growing number of people who are desperately trying to get an immediate appointment with Dr Mapa Puloka.

`Ofa atu


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