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Tonga's first woman minister


Dear Editor,

Rejoice all ye women, for your time has come. Your long-suffering, toils, sweats, untimely efforts, perseverance and intellect are now acknowledged and recognized. This is a ground-breaking achievement on our part, dear women. We got one in Office. We are going down in history, and it's about time.

I wish to convey my congratulations to the very first woman Minister in Tonga, Hon. Malia Viviena 'Alisi Numia Afeaki Taumoepeau. Although it is a personal achievement, overall it is a "Women's Achievement." And, regardless of the motives, and the strategies for this election, it is indeed a break through in the history of our little island kingdom. Though, the government had wounded you (with your release from office several years back), yet this appointment is a well-deserved blessing.

Show them how the job is, should and must be done!

All the very best in your endeavor, and career!

You Go Girl!

A standing ovation, and a thunderous round of applause.

'Ofa atu,

Lucia Mateialona-'Olive

veiongo [at] stanford [dot] edu (veiongo [at] stanford [dot] edu )