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Hearing the call for Democracy

New Zealand

Dear Editor,

The swelling number of people who joined the march today sends out a clear signal that some are now hearing the call for democracy a few pitches higher than it was before. Democracy is now a marching giant and any processes or actions aimed to slow its pace will be defeated by all accounts.

I think the first lot to be removed should start with the Minister of Education, the Director of Education and the three deputies named by the PSA letter of petition. The Minister of Education has quoted far too many bible quotes and with no real results in his part to bring in a resolution to the problems the teachers are now experiencing. We need results and performance from this Ministry and if he is capable of just quoting bible quotes than I think he should be annointed to be the Minister of Religion instead of being a Minister of Education. ...

God bless,
John Rambo
johnrambo39 [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] nz