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March in Auckland to support Tongan workers

Auckland, New Zealand

A march in support of striking workers and their demands for a fair pay increase and democracy will be held this Saturday (Sept 3rd) at noon. Marchers will gather at the bottom of Queen Street

Visiting striking civil servants from Tonga requested that the march be organised and supported by the Tongan Community and the New Zealand Trade Union movement.

Tongan Community youth leader, Niulala Helu, said he will be marching as, ...“It is crucial that the Tongan Community support this strike. We cannot stand back and do nothing, we need to support the strikers - the future of Tonga depends on them winning.”

Council of Trade Unions President Ross Wilson said, "The New Zealand Trade union movement has to do everything it can to help and assist this historic struggle. This is the birth of the Tongan Trade union movement and the strike represents the democratic aspirations of the Tongan people".

The March is supported by the following organisations:

Tongan Ma‘ae Fonua, Niulala Helu 021 1627297
Asia Pacific Workers Solidarity Links, Luke Coxon 021 248 7005
Global Peace and Justice Auckland, Mike Treen 0275254744, John Minto 8463173
Council of trade Unions- Ross Wilson 0274468767
Green Party,– Keith Locke 027 4528354

Mike Treen
Unite Inc / Postal Workers Federation
Unite Office, 6a Western Springs Rd, Morningside, Auckland.
mike [at] unite [dot] org [dot] nz