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To His Majesty: Have Faith in Your People

Texas, USA

To His Majesty

I know this may seem a bit bold and far against the established royal protocol for me, a non-Tongan and a West Texan, to write a letter to you and with a small degree of hope. That not only wills it reach you, but that you will find it in your heart to read it.

I am a just a man that offers no large answers or advice, for that would be rude and muffle what my real message is. I don't have to tell you what a wonderful land you rule over, how talented and warm your people are, you already know this because it is your heritage. A heritage that many of your countrymen have forgotten, what makes it so very, very, sad.

Words like family, kindness to strangers, religion, and dedication to one's people. Strong words for a strong people.

From News reports and chat rooms, to forums on the internet one starts to hear sad words, words that makes me cry because I love Tonga, and if I love Tonga how those words and reports must make you feel and with such heavy family sorrows. I pray for you and your people daily. I hope this does not offend you but I receive much strength in prayer.

These times are hard times that your people are going through but things will get better, look to your past. And find strength for your future.

The fast car, the big house isn't always the answer I know I come from a land were many have and many don't. The answer to life's questions must come from with in us we can't lose hope nor have our vision clouded by things that are flashy and feel good for the moment, remember the flashy car rusts, but the family, love, kindness, and friendship go on forever. Therefore let us resolve to stand for the things that count the things that matter the things which make us great instead of just average.

Sometimes we get caught up in the movement . And it takes an outsider to look at you and say how wonderful you are and please remember that freedom is important. Your people love you and will follow you but you must have faith in them, in order for them to have faith in you.

Larry Norton


Reply to Larry Norton - akdownunder, Australia: I find it refreshing to hear especially from an outsider to our fair country that Tonga's past is something to be proud of. You would never think so from all the constant bombardment of ill feelings regarding the Royal House etc. Looking at the history of Polynesia as a whole I would say Tonga faired much better than most. And as Mr Norton says, our people have forgotten our roots in our rush to join the western world and its so called bright colours. We have parents against their children learning to speak Tongan for fear of being dubbed anything remotely Pacific, for some reason this means uneducated and unwanted. Nothing is more sad than someone whom has no roots to feed its growth. Sadly enough if more of us are so blinded we will slowly die. I thank you Sir for your humble but insightful letter. I too have faith that there are people whom still hold firmly to the love we once knew in Tongan society. I went back to Tonga recently for the first time since I was a child. I had heard stories from others whom travel there frequently of how dirty and down trodden it is. The only thing I found to my dismay is that alot of people are so caught up in the so call political movement that they have forgotten to take care of there homes, which has now left Tonga much dirtier than what I had remembered as a child. Have we really progressed was my question to myself as I looked around. I don't claim to have all the answers but we need to wake up and take responsibility for our own.

My memory of Tongans is: If something needs to be done we do it without firstly thinking, What's in it for me?? Before we reach for the stars we must clean up our backyard. Again I say, Mr Norton is a tiny voice that speaks for many that are drowned out the borrish and loud few. - AK, Australia