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Islanders have a lot of health problems

Robinvale, Australia


I love your website and you are to be congratulated for a hard job well done. However I would like to see anything about the health of the people in Tonga or something to promote health.

I am of Tongan descent through my father with my mother being a Niuean.  I live in a remote country town of Victoria, Australia, called Robinvale, which sits on the Mighty Murray River and the border of NSW and Victoria.  We have a large population of Islanders none as significant as the Tongan community with a lot a health problems.  My job is mainly to bridge the gap between the Pacific Islanders and the health services.  My role also includes health promotion, education and a lot more.  Anyway I won't take up too much of your time.  Thanks.

Hiki Holani

Pacific Island Cultural Liaison Officer

Robinvale District Health Services