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Thursday 28 December 2006
Nuku'alofa, Tonga
On the 1st day of Christmas, the Demos gave to me, a burned down CITY. ...On the 12th day of Christmas, the Demos gave to me, 12 Chinese shops, 11 scared tourists, 10 Crowded beaches, 9 traffic jams, 8 palm trees, 7 noisy roosters, 6 ta'ovalas, 5 dumb pigs, 4 skinny dogs, 3 coconuts, 2 hectic fairs, and a Burned Down CITY! - Locky Aiono
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Wednesday 29 November 2006
Canberra, Australia
Dr Sitiveni Halapua of the NCPR, Prime Minister Dr Feleti Sevele and Anarchist ...‘Akilisi Pohiva with his Parliamentarian Rioters should all ...‘resign...’ from politics, and ...‘disengage...’ themselves from any involvement with the political reform program for a more democratic form of government in the Kingdom. In different matters of degree, all are accountable to the destruction on 16/11, and in that regard they should not blame and point finger at one another. All have failed to play their individually leadership roles in a ...‘just principle...’ during the overall political reform process up to the Black Thursday. -Siosiua Lafitani Tofua'ipangai
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Wednesday 18 May 2005
Before and during the election, proposals and counter proposals were offered to solve our problems within the kingdom. It seemed everyone was optimistic about the future as they used the Crown Prince and the Shoreline as their whipping boy. Then, the Professor split with his entourage to form the People'’s Democratic Party. I wonder what was so hard and unpalatable at the Temo'’s Camp that broke Yoda'’s last nerve?
Monday 28 March 2005
Nuku'alofa, Tonga
As the latest Tongan Government political reform initiative begins to unfold, following the appointment of Cabinet ministers from elected members of Parliament on March 21, we are witnessing a number of interesting political happenings. At the same the Temo's position as an opposition to government has been weakened - they have lost their fighting edge with their acceptance of the government proposal for a piece-meal political reform program. Editor’s Comment