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The election is over, now what?


Before and during the election, proposals and counter proposals were offered to solve our problems within the kingdom. It seemed everyone was optimistic about the future as they used the Crown Prince and the Shoreline as their whipping boy. Then, the Professor split with his entourage to form the People'’s Democratic Party. I wonder what was so hard and unpalatable at the Temo'’s Camp that broke Yoda'’s last nerve? Being a critical moment in our kingdom's political history, the Temo's Camp is now looking confused and disorganized in comparison to their pre-election posture. Is disillusionment with the cause overwhelming the leaders, they are lashing out at the ranks? We do not know, but it sure leaves plenty of room for speculation.

If Mr. Tavake Fusimalohi is correct, Mr. Isileli Pulu has got to be bowlegged due to his indecisive and prolonged straddling on both camps. Are we slowly coming apart at the seams? What was it that brought us together in the first place? I hope we have not lost sight of the struggle?

As I continue my prognostication and assessment of our political climate, I am led to believe the key reason why the parties failed is due to their misapplication of the word "People" in their political pursuits. I am sure they are implying they are representing the people'’s wishes or "for the people" sort of purpose. As I looked thru the encyclopedia, I found out several interesting points regarding "for the people" causes. China, North Korea, and Libya all have the word "People" as part of their official names? In all these countries, if you voice your dissenting opinion, you will be taken out and shot without any question asked. Of course, you can ask "what did I do?" but you will still be shot, anyway. I wonder, if the leaders of both Parties, are so deeply intoxicated in their hunger for power that they lost track of what is important, "the people". Have they asked them "people" what they want to do? Are the people informed or has everybody learned it on the evening news by way of neighborhood gossiping? I am only wondering how we fell off and don'’t seem to recover. Now, we are waiting until the 2008 election? Let us pray!

We must have integrity to gain the people's support. In other words, we must say what we mean, and we must mean what we say, then, we must do what we say. For example, if we are blowing our horns in the name of the people, do we mean the good people of Longoteme as well as those of Ha'’utu and Lavengatonga are behind us? Are we speaking for them or are we assuming they will fall-in behind our ranks? My fourth grade teacher at GPS Fotua once told us, "when you Assume", you are making an "Ass" of "U" and "ME". We often ride off to the sunset assuming a lot of things, but when the going gets tough, we are on our own. The people seem to be nowhere behind us like we claimed they were. The "Protest March" is a perfect example.

Let us regroup and stop assuming. Let us go back and start organizing at grass root level. We should speak for all the villages in the kingdom, and they should be aware of what we claim to do on their behalf and how our cause will improve their lives. Returning to old strategies like "scream louder" have not taken us anywhere, but make us all look silly. If we add three rings to our struggle, we will make a good circus.

Let us approach the Royal Family with our concerns and solutions, not "we want power". The days of whining incessantly are over. Better solutions improve systems, be it government or quality of life. More power in our hands is not a guarantee that corrupt government will end. It only means, one of us will have the opportunity to pillage those we claim to represent, "the people".