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Wednesday 7 July 2021

Sydney, Australia
New York Times reporting: Three days after the emergence of a rare COVID-19 case in Sydney, around 40 friends gathered for a birthday party. Along with cake and laughter, there was a hidden threat: One of the guests had unknowingly crossed paths with that single COVID case, an airport driver who had caught the Delta variant from an American aircrew. Two weeks later, 27 people from the party have tested positive. And the seven people at the gathering who were not infected? They were all vaccinated. By Damien Cave.
Thursday 20 May 2021

Melbourne, Australia
New York Times reporting: When Australian officials announced last week that the country was unlikely to fully reopen its borders until mid-2022 because of the coronavirus, the backlash immediately began building. Critics warned that Australia risked becoming a “hermit nation.” Members of the Australian diaspora who had been struggling to return home for months saw it as another blow. The announcement drew dire warnings from business, legal and academic leaders. But polls show that keeping the borders shut is a popular idea.
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