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Stranded Tongans eager to return home

California, USA


Today, the Tonga Government issued a notice extending the closure of the borders until 12 June.

A great number of Tongan citizens remain stranded overseas and are eager to return home and be reunited with their families, not considering the fact that they are possibly under hardship or financial stress.

From what we hear many different countries are contacting their citizens and are facilitating their repatriation back to their home countries, even chartering flights to bring their citizens homes.

We appeal to the Government of Tonga to please expedite the importation of testing equipment and procedures and allow the Tongan citizens to enter their country  - even if they have to be in a supervised isolation. There was a previous condition that if the travellers arrive in Tonga with a medical certificate obtained 2 to 3 days prior to their arrival, then they can enter the county and be under self-quarantine in Tonga for two weeks.

On behalf of all the stranded Tongans outside of Tonga we appeal to the Government to please devise a solution for us to return.

- Stranded Tongans. [Name and contact supplied]