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Tongans Overseas

Amelia Hausia missing for 25 years

Canberra, Australia

Amelia Toa Hausia at 17 in 1992

Australian Police this week are appealing to the public to help locate  a missing person, Amelia Toa Hausia, of Tongan descent, who was last seen at a Canberra shopping mall on December 22, 1992. Australian Police, who require positive identification to confirm if she is still alive, are making the appeal drive as part of their annual “Missing Persons Week”.

Amelia was only 17-years-old when she went missing and was last seen by her family at her home on 17 December 1992. She was said to be upset after a fight with her boyfriend. The last sighting of Amelia was at the Woden Plaza Shopping Centre in Canberra on 22 December 1992. Amelia would be 42-years-old now.

They stated that in 1993, Amelia contacted her natural mother in Tonga and told her she was okay. Australian Police stated that numerous reported sightings of Amelia have been made over the years since her disappearance; however no positive identification has been made.