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The late King's Vision

Pago Pago, American Samoa

WE may have lost the wisdom of the greatest visionary leader of Tonga if not of the whole Pacific Region.

It appears that this is simply a case of not having the right people with experience, integrity and fortitude to carry the "vision" to the drawing board where it is developed into a plan that is implemented to reality.

As Mafi 'o Amerika Samoa, I was honored to be a recipient of some of the late King's vision on his many visits to American Samoa. Here are just two examples, in his own word while visiting the Shipyard, "Mafi, this is something that will be great in Tonga" and while visiting the Tonga Property, "this is the gathering place for our people, to meet and to sell their produce".

Unfortunately, no one followed up with the Shipyard vision. The Pago Pago shipyard is down and is under repair and owners are looking for places to fix their boats. I was instrumental in sending a couple of fishing boats to the shipyard in Tonga and they returned with the embarrassing report; The shipyard is in very bad shape from maintenance failure and a significant part of the payments to the Government of Tonga was to representatives in form of beer and cash.

The Tonga Property in American Samoa was given to an individual who for over 11 years made sure that no other Tongan meet or sell their produce at the Property but himself. This was an arrangement made with two prominent former Ministers of the Government.

The Lord Jesus Christ had the vision. His apostles and followers made these visions a reality over the years thus the survival of what we now know as Christianity.

His Majesty King Taufa'ahau Tupou IV has the vision. Unfortunately, I see very little from his disciples.

Sione Lousiale Kava

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