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Ratu Tevita remains a subject of an extradition application

Suva, Fiji

I do recall the Tongan Prime Minister stating in a press release that the Tonga government will not place any obstacle before the Fijian Government's extradition application in the Tongan Courts. I do recall writing in earlier about the need to respect the rule of law rather than people making assumptions about whose at fault.

The Tongan government as I recall confirmed receiving Fiji's application to extradite Ratu Tevita. The Fijian government relied on its Tongan counter-part in good faith that the application will be treated with the priority it deserves. It is sad to learn that nothing has been forthcoming so far. The maxim "Justice delayed is justice denied" surely failed to make sense to those involved in the extradition process.

Delaying tactics is an obstacle itself to the administration of justice. I beg the question . . . what sort of obstacle was the Tongan PM referring to? . . . perhaps he had narrowly defined the word "obstacle" so as to exclude the word "delay"

I must express my disappointment that the subject of the extradition application was allowed to leave Tongan Territory. I find it very strange that Ratu Tevita defied his bail conditions in Fiji, became the subject of an extradition application and yet the Tongan government allowed him a holiday to Australia despite the pending extradition application. The purpose of Ratu Tevita's visit to Australia is immaterial. He is and remains a subject of an extradition application. Whoever allowed Ratu Tevita to travel abroad holds a high disregard for justice.

The notable fact that Ratu Tevita is a close relative of the Royals is no reason to deny or delay an extradition application that was properly made by the Fijian government.

My humble advise is for the Tongan government to say what you mean and mean what you say. When you say no obstacles will be placed before Fiji's extradition application in court, please note that "delay" is also an obstacle lest you forget.


Freddy Kavaha'apai

frekava2009 [at] gmail [dot] com (mailto:frekava2009 [at] gmail [dot] com)