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Democracy needs wealth and time

Pago Pago, American Samoa


Webster defines a dictator as a person having absolute authority and supreme governmental powers. The nature and characteristics of a dictator is not part of the definition of the word. I fail to see where Mokofisi got the idea that murder, corruption and nepotism is part of the definition. On his part, he fails to realize that the same characteristics is present in all forms of government. The news is replete with accounts of these in democratic America. Read about corruption in Israel.

The yester centuries prophets were dictators; some were good and righteous and the governed were prosperous and peace abound in the land, others were corrupted and there were wars and much trouble in the land. The modern dictators not of political nature are the CEO's of private companies. Some are good thus the continued growth of the company others were not so good; companies failed, door closed, people unemployed and CEOS goes to jail.

I agree with Fale, there has been some great leaders of nations with absolute power. As a matter of fact there is very sensible argument that in certain countries, given its economy, history and culture, a dictatorial type of a government may be the best. Fale mentioned Lee Kwan Yew of Singapore one. I have been to Singapore twice a year for the last 10 years and have yet to see any public execution or any of Mokofisi's allegation. I submit that Singapore is a prime example where a dictator works and is working very well. Singapore may very well be ahead of Spain in the top 10 economies of the world.

An argument that Mokofisi may be alluding to is history has proven that absolute power without some sort of check and balance, can corrupt absolutely. Yews success and I can say that about Franco also is that they surrounded themselves with the best and most qualified advisers as directors and ministers. They delegate authorities to these individuals to carry out their responsibilities. But there was no misunderstanding about the fact that the ultimate ruling responsibilities was and is theirs. In operation, the almighty power of the dictator is complemented by the loyal support of a well trained, educated and experienced participatory board of advisors.

Tonga should take note. Lew Kwan addressing a general meeting of his cabinet early on in the history of his rule announces that . . . "there is nothing wrong with democracy, in America, but the system is very costly and consuming, two things that Singapore cannot afford . . . we do not have the kind of resources that America is blessed with, and sure do not have time to waste, something that the American seems to have in abundance. How about us, Tonga?

After all is said and done, Mokofisi is aware of the fact that our conviction, belief and faith does not validate or invalidate anything at all in this life. The only absolute, is, there is no absolute.

Sione Lousiale Kava

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