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Dictatorship and civil war predicted for Tonga

San Francisco, USA


With great respect to the decision of King Tupou V to modify and/or change the current structure of the Government of Tonga is probably the most disastrous move since King Tupou 1 began to rule these friendly Pacific islands more than 160 years ago.

I strongly believe that the current system of government is the best for Tonga. All Tonga has to do is improving minor things here and there. Major changes to the current structure of government would bring disastrous consequences that the people of Tonga would regret and hope that they were not born to this earth. A new system would be disastrous to the nature of our religion and culture which are the corner-stone of peace and harmony in Tonga.

My reason for the above-mentioned is simple : if the prospective change/changes fail, Tonga would become a dictatorship and probably be engaged in a bloody revolution/civil war.

This is my prediction and I hope that it will not happen.

Yours sincerely,

Siosaia Fatani

sstuakoi [at] yahoo [dot] com