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Voter's choice shows 'I do not care attitude'

Pago Pago, American Samoa

Dear Editor:

Only 38% (less than half) of the registered voters of Tongatapu cast votes in this past election. The country is going to be guided by the minority, a democracy by the few and for the fewer. The majority either couldn't care less concluding that none of what they say or do will make any difference, or were wishfully thinking that all will turn out for the better in the end.

Conceptually, I'll agree with Mr. Uili Finau. But then again, it occurs to me and may be it will be to you too "Nomuka Kid" that the democracy sympathizers and the hoodlums that burned down Nuku'alofa are one and the same people. We found the enemy and it is us.

Harry Porter, said the darnest thing, "It is our choice that shows who and what we are, much more than our abilities."

The voters' choice shows more of the "I do not care attitude" than any capabilities you may have as a people.

You made your bed, I hope you'll be comfortable sleeping on it for the next three years.

Mafi 'o Amerika Samoa.