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I'll eat 60lb of Humble Pie

New Zealand


It was not too long ago that I wrote to you to take a dig at the Sea Eagle team and their immense appetites. It seems I may have been a tad rash and a bit too hasty. Indeed, it looks as if I've bitten off more than I can chew!

I had initially wrote to object to the use of the word "Humble" alongside the hunger that was displayed at the pub by the Tongan rugby team. I admit to digressing, and rounding on their eating habits instead. For that, I humbly apologise.

The truth is, the rugby boys have done themselves and a whole nation proud. They showed that the same courage and tenacity on display at the pub, in holding off Samoa in the dying stages of the game, was nothing short of inspirational. My congratulations to the team. They have far exceeded my expectations and I would dare to say that their campaign has been a success.

In closing, I wish the Boys all the best in the remainder of the tournament. Having come this far, may you go further in your quest. And as a show of goodwill on my behalf, I will attempt to eat 60 lbs of Humble Pie.

'Ofa atu


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