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We should be proactive and preventive

Provo, Utah,USA


Lopeti Senituli's letter is another clear demonstration of his incompetence and it reflects negatively on the Prime Minister's office. It is a blemish they cannot afford at such a sensitive and urgent time in Tonga's political history. Every letter from Mr. Senituli, much like the policies dictated from that office, has been reactive and defensive but never proactive or preventive.

Why does he waste time and energy engaging in public debates in a letter to the editor forum? For one thing, Mele Payne Lynch is not a Matangi Tonga columnist, but a frequent contributor to the letters to the editor.

Secondly, I rarely see world leaders engage in one-on-one public debates with their citizens, let alone, in letters to the editor of a publication. These letters reflect personal opinions of the letter writer. Most of the content, if not all, are subjective and should never be taken personally. That is a common understanding in the civilized world.

However, I suspect that most of what Mele Payne Lynch wrote must ring true, or it wouldn't have provoked such an unnecessary reaction. Senituli's reaction exposed another trademark of the administration he serves: in addition to being reactive and defensive, they also take everything extremely personally and react in the same manner.

Such incompetence and selfishness is not conducive to effective policy making or leadership and halts any hope for progress.


Saani Fifita

saanishine [at] gmail [dot] com