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Children and Obscenity

San Francisco, USA


Readers who were responding to my comments on "Children and Obscenity" appeared not to fully comprehend my position. So once again, I hereby want to make my position clear. My position is my wish that something is done to prevent children of a certain age from watching shows like the Miss Galaxy Pageant which are perhaps too obscene and/or pornographic for them to handle

Also, I once again hereby want to make it clear that I am not, in any shape or form, trying to ban and/or discontinue the Ms.Galaxy Pageant. Whether or not this show is banned, discontinued, or modified is not my decision. I think this is a decision for the legislators to make, depending on what is best to protect the good moral fibre of Tonga.

I hope that we all try to "live with our conscience" and do what is best and proper for our children. Frankly, I don't think that the responsibility for discplining our children is for parents only; it is also for the government, teachers, priests, bishops, pastors, reverends, the Miss Galaxy Show, and anyone else who cares. This is a very difficult task and a collective effort of a lot of people is needed to achieve it.

Siosaia Fatani.

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