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Regurgitating govt press releases

New South Wales,Australia


I note with interest what would appear to be Kalafi Moala's apparent move into the Government.

From a man who was persecuted by the Government for being a government watchdog; to regurgitating government press releases on his newspaper website in the place of independent journalism (Kalafi, if I want to find out the Government of Tonga...’s opinion on an issue, such as the ...“Black List...”, or the abuse of prisoners then I...’ll go to the PMO or Tonga-Now website - can't you write your own articles on these issues?), to now working for the government?

But then again it seems that Kalafi has recently achieved some form of divine intervention. I read with interest his article - "Separating Fact from Fiction" where it was impossible for the reader to discern his "facts" from "fiction" due to a complete lack of evidence and unsubstantiated claims... but then again maybe he has his information from a higher place.... or the Prime Minister (this should probably read the Prime Minister's Adviser).

I look forward to Matangi Tonga continuing to uphold independence for the Kingdom's online media.

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