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I'd rather learn from Idi



I am not so sure I will be an early convert to the Chinese philosophy Mr. Moehau is enjoying. He may be enjoying the Chinese roses but forgot to recognize the deadly thorns. The fact that China has a growing economy should not blind us and join the bandwagon. China is still a communist country. It has a one party rule policy. China does not tolerate dissension or opposing views to its national policy.

China has a dual policy when it comes to her socio-politico-economic policy. Economically, China does not have any choice but to pursue a market economy. Most people call it capitalism. On the other hand, her politics is still communism. China learned real fast from the Russians. When the Berlin Wall fell, it symbolized the fall of the Soviet Union and her empire. Her economy crumbled as well as its global influence. Communism prevents initiative which is the main ingredient of capitalism and the entrepreneurial itch. So, China was pushed to have an Open Market policy in order to survive economically as a nation.

I understand Mr. Moehau...’s shifting his allegiance to the Chinese style of crowd control. The Tiananmen Square demonstration is forgotten because China wants the world and Siosaia Moehau to forget it. Thousands of demonstrators in Tiananmen Square were herded and executed. I mean D-E-D, ...“dead...”! Or is it D-E-A-D? Give me a break! I took the small bus to school. Anyway, most of those demonstrators were killed. If you ask the Chinese authorities, they will tell you, only three people showed up for that demonstration, but they went home disappointed. The ringleaders were only imprisoned because of international political pressures.

After understanding China has over one billion plus people (that is over one thousand millions); has a growing economy to sustain its population; foreign investments, not Chinese money, create this booming economy; has a one child per family policy, which means, forced sterilization and abortion is mandatory after the first child; approximately over 5 million abortions are performed each year; political dissenters are jailed for a very long time; body parts are harvested from prisoners; and Mr. Moehau idolizes her prowess, Mr. Moehau can have China.

If Mr. Moehau wants Tonga to learn from China, the Tongan police should pick up all the demonstrators from Pangai Si...’i to include Mr. Pohiva and Mr. Edwards; give them a fair trial and a fine hanging. And, let us all hope things will be better in 25 years from now.

I only hope Mr. Moehau will keep his disappointments to himself while he is in Beijing. If he does, we may never hear from him again. Then again, thousands of Chinese disappear every year after they are picked up by the authorities. Personally I...’d rather learn from Idi Amin.


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