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Tau lau is not for me

Salt Lake City-Utah, USA


I apologize to Richard Wolfgram that I could not match him in his "tau lau" competition. If that's his forte, I'm sorry but I could not match him in his arena. Furthermore, I don't see anything positive in it for this forum.

Judging from his track record on public debate, I'll have to conclude:

1. His now defunct "Ano Masima" publication went belly-up because he finds Tongans easy targets to put down.

2. He tells the world how embarrassing our eating habits are.

3. How he escaped death after dodging bullets at Tongan-Mormon Church parking lots in Salt Lake City.

4. How Mormon Church leaders are responsible for Tongan youths belonging to criminal gangs, etc.

I'm suspicious though, that while Richard claims he lives the Tongan Culture, he may not have a clue what it's like to grow up Tongan. I don't have to be appointed by anyone to feel that my culture is being insulted, abused, or ridiculed.

Just because we weren't born, or raised in the United States doesn't mean Richard should treat other Tongans as if he's better.

Sorry Richard, but I don't apologize for living in the U.S., while protective of Tongan traditions and values.

Sione Ake Mokofisi