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Betrayal Court Motion by the Tongan Politicians

New Zealand


Judas betrayed Jesus with a "kiss" but Jesus had already known that one of his own would betray him. Judas, who had lived, benefited and relied absolutely on Jesus, now he stood up with his greediness, selfishness, self-centered etc. you name them and betrayed his Lord. The wages of sin is death.

I did challenge the fragility of Tonga at this transitional period of political reform, to put together your resources and streamline your budgets for the betterment of the public services, the economic development and the people of Tonga while formulating the most practical political approaches to apply with an ultimate objective: ...“Peace, Unity, Solidarity and Prosperity...” must be maintained.

Obviously, the adjournment of the Parliament is a suicide tactic with great pressure on the House to quickly pass the Government budget for next financial year, 2006/07. And if the Supreme Court prolonged this case for another 2 to 3 months, the Government budget will be unlawful to spend and the whole government services will collapse. If so, who is going to be suffered? Well done!!! Mr. Pohiva and Mr. Edwards party, the government services will be stagnant and I am sure that the whole country will be affected. Is this your intention? Or you will tell the people that you always work under the framework of justice and human right?

If this is the kind of strategic movement to practice in this critical time, I should say that you have disgraced and betrayed the whole country. People of Tonga, come on, if you trust in God, you should judge more carefully what to believe. In fact, the shadow behind this court motion is to withhold the budget from being use on time and this is the same tactic with ...“Public Disobedient...” that most opposition parties and terrorism organizations use worldwide for coupe and political interest. Again, this is a suicide mission for Tonga and I am begging you the Politicians to use your common sense. Your 88 year old King has been hospitalized and his health is on critical situation, where is your loyalty and conscience? Pardon me but I believe that your nescient is not far from victimizing the lovely children, the poor people of Tonga and the whole country.

It is time for the people to question the Parliament, the People...’s Rep with their strategic analysis of the government budget and their constructive and strategic motions to enhance the economic development of Tonga. You cannot afford to sit back.... If you disagree with me, time will tell and I can only watch you people from the television here in NZ.

I urge the Prime Minister and the Speaker of the House to publicly announce and explain to the people of Tonga about the implications of this court motion and call back the House immediately for its normal task and try to approve the Government Budget on time. The unlawful of the opening of the House by the Princess Regent can be dealt with later on, but you should not allow these Hypocrites (quote by Hon Funaki) to victimize the innocents. The people of Law should agree too.

...‘Ofa atu

Henry Alexanda Tonga

henryalexanda [at] yahoo [dot] ie