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Queen illegally opening parliament?

Auckland, New Zealand


A case that's clearer curiouser and more curiouser is now before the courts so I am curious to know how many times this section has been breached in the past, and will I be taking section 17 of the Constitution as reported, too literally, to suggest that Queen Salote could not have legally opened Parliament during her entire reign? And is it entirely possible that a parliamentary session in the past had never closed? Could it be the case as well, that legislations and parliamentary decisions during an illegal session will have to be re-introduced, debated and passed again in order to remain in the statutes?

Here's a chance for our bushlawyers and learned law lords alike to entertain us with the possibilities, but I am anticipating this to be the longest parliamentary session in our history to go with our biggest budget ever and what may turn out to be an even larger-than-anticipated deficit. Cost-cutting season? Pull the other one, mate!

Sefita Hao'uli

sef [dot] haouli [at] ihug [dot] co [dot] nz