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United voice will turn tide for fairness and freedom in future

Nuku'alofa, Tonga

2060, 2070, 2080 and the future...

Dear Editor

Speaking from the confines of a young Tongan's view, at best a blurred snap-shot of what is essentially just another politically biased perspective of a few Laki Niu supporters. We would like to point out to the small portion of the public sphere that doubt Mr Laki Niu's stance or intentions, following his recent pleas to catalyse reformation, that he has every right to be where he is today.

The President of the Tongan Law Society, former Crown Prosecutor, a lawyer with a reasonably unblemished record, and more importantly an ex-MP, he has all the attributes required to derive from which what he thinks is the best approach to the constitutional reform that will ensure finality in favour of and only for the people of Tonga.

The electrical synapses that powered our subconscious also told us in the beginning to do a double take when we heard about him embarking on what we thought was sure social suicide. Regathering our thoughts we see that his intentions were the forefront of what we're admiring as lotolahi in the valley of adversary in full view of Social, Economical and Political scrutiny. Obviously he is not doing this for personal gains but pursuing this for the people because HE CAN. We can be sure that he did not create this constitutional model overnight or that he's risking all on a mere whim, every alternate view addressed, every repercussion anticipated.

Debate over which model to use would have been fierce but since the Edwards Model, with due respect, did not rattle as much as it should, Laki Niu's Model possessing a smaller fully democratically elected caucus of 30 is in a more favourable contention and should be acknowledged by the pro-democrats after he supported them in the Edwards Model, which we presume to be quite similar. All that is needed now is the backing of the historically PSA, the elusive PRs and the voices of the people to amalgamate into ONE just once more and the tide will bring in a new political era of fairness and freedom for the future.

R. Enbeeh


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