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Thanks to the strikers

Los Angeles, USA

Dear Editor,

Re: Auckland thug has lowly primeval way of communication

I think that the letter from this so-called "crew" (Lalo Kasia Crew) was a mere act of arrogance. They literally mocked and degraded an individual who burned the country's flag stating "-he is atomized by the masses of society."

Here's my opinion to your crew, spitting air and spitting long hard years of research are two different things. Before you begin to stand for what you think is "right," take a deep breath, consider the possibilities from every corner then make your statement. Years of neglect, struggles, oppression, and WRONG MOTIVES from dictatorship are some possibilities as to why OUR fellow Tongans are taking such actions. Dear editor, I am not agreeing that acts of violence is the solution but can you blame the PEOPLE?

They stated "-the king is here for medical reasons as far as we are aware the engagement his granddaughter is and occasion, which we as Tongans should respect."

NO LEADER who "claims" to love his country/people in their right mind goes on medical break/leave when his/her country requires "SERIOUS" attention. WHAT KIND OF LEADER do you know leaves a country of "thousands" questioned for an engagement of "1"? They said "God bless the king" at the end of their letter. Humble yourselves before the "TRUE" king.

I am going to support the strikers just because I believe they've suffered and are continuing to suffer. Thanks to the strikers, the attention is FINALLY directed at what should of been the main concern -THE PEOPLE!!

Tuku 'a e fk.lai mo e "FIEPOTO." Your crew requires serious adapting to your so called adopted country. You need learn more about leadership and how they have handle their government. You talk as if our country is fine the way it has been and does not need transition. FIEPOTO!!!

M. 'Aumoeualogo
Los Angeles, U.S.A.
gracious_acez [at] yahoo [dot] com