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Death of the kingdom as we know it

San Francisco, USA

If I Am King For A Day

Tonga is caught between a rock and a hard place. Its poor economic status and its leaders drive to re-appropriate what is left for themselves, will be definitely the death of the kingdom as we know it. No, don...’t push the panic Oh My God! button just yet. I am talking about 30 to 50 years from now. This seems to be a long time, but it is not. It may be sooner if the king fails to change how the island kingdom is governed.

Our small kingdom does not have anything valuable to be somebody in the world economy. Therefore, we are at the mercy of those who have them. No natural resources, nor, I...’m sorry, we have the "Friendly Islands" reputation to market. Now the Chinese will flock to paradise, a.k.a. Tonga by the thousands. Woohoo! That? I am concerned. I am beginning to think Tonga is lacking forward thinking/forward looking/long term strategist/astrologers/crystal ball handlers/fortune tellers/palm readers, etc. I wonder if we are accommodating China...’s expansion policy.

If I am king for a day, right away, I will enlist and appoint the kingdom...’s best minds to a commission to find a solution to my long-term strategy. As a member or honorable guest to numerous international organisations, (SPIA, ASEA, UN, Commonwealth) I will seek out expertise to help the commission with their task. This expertise is usually at the cost of the governing body as an economic assistance to underdeveloped country like ours. I know most of you will claim I had a little too much too drink and I am losing it, going looloo. I believe years from today, history will indict today...’s leaders for sleeping on the wheel if they do not act now. Then again, Tonga may be a footnote in China...’s history in few years.

My commission will take my (the king...’s) long-term economic policy and vision for the kingdom, and brainstorm for the best possible way to get there. They can do this by backward planning. Suppose there is a 20-year plan. Milestones should be established at every five-year mark. By the year 2025, the country should have this (king...’s goal) in place. Certain goals should be met by 2020, 2015, and 2010. No stone will be left unturned regardless the challenge it may face. The public should be privileged and informed on all phases of this plan. They will play a major part in the economy...’s well being.

With this clearly defined goal, public policy should then be set to make sure the kingdom is heading in that direction. Make no mistake about it, Tonga, like many other strategic places in the world, they are on China...’s long-term strategy. China is on the move and they mean business. They are now trying to get all the free technological advantage they can get, whether by hook or by crook. China...’s economy is growing thus creating a billion consumers craving for more resources outside their control. China...’s population is booming, I mean billion with a "B". China also wants to be a key player in world affairs. In the interdependent and globalised economy of today, natural resources once abundant are dwindling. By establishing themselves around the globe, it puts pressure on other world powers to change their policies.

Our future king or kings need lots of help to redirect where our kingdom is heading. I hope they are not blinded and hoodwinked by their so-called friends, who are looting the treasury, under the guise of privatization. I only hope there will be treasure left for them when they become king. Hmmmm! Now that I mentioned that, if you see a crown being auctioned on Ebay, would you let me know? I...’ve always wanted to be King of Foa. Besides, my curriculum vitae will look incredibly awesome and my employment opportunity will dramatically improved. Imagine that! HM TamaFoa, ABSc, AMSC, APHD, MKY, MSE, SH. This translates to His Majesty TamaFoa, Almost BSc, Almost MSc, Almost PHD, Mickey Mouse, Super Hero!

As soon as the store opens, I will purchase my degrees to make it official. The day is not over yet, I...’m still the King, right?

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