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Friday 19 November 2021
Tonga lunar eclipse

Nuku'alofa, Tonga
A stunning and unusual moon rising high to the north of Nuku'alofa was clearly observable tonight in Tongatapu. The partial eclipse of the moon, ko e mate ʻa e māhina, began at 7:02pm, Friday 19 November, and ends at 01:03 Saturday morning Tonga time - a duration of 6 hours and 2 minutes.
Tuesday 18 May 2021

Nuku'alofa, Tonga
There will be two lunar eclipses visible in Tonga this year. The first lunar eclipse coming up next week on the night 26-27 May is made for us, because the moon will be almost straight above your head. A full moon in a total eclipse is not pitch dark but usually bright red. By Firitia Velt.
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Monday 30 November 2020

San Francisco, USA
New York Times science reporting: Take a moment to marvel at the full moon. Do you notice anything different? It’s subtle, but on November 30 (Sunday night if you’re on the U.S. west coast) [Monday night in Tonga], the full moon should appear a bit darker than usual. That’s because you’re witnessing a penumbral lunar eclipse, a celestial occurrence in which the moon dips behind Earth’s faint, outer shadow, or penumbra.
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Saturday 20 July 2019

New Delhi, India
Fifty years after astronauts first walked on the Moon, space wars have gone from Hollywood fantasy to looming threat. Not content with possessing enough nuclear weapons to wipe out all life on Earth many times over, major powers are rapidly militarizing space. Given the world’s increasing reliance on space-based assets, the risks are enormous. by Brahma Chellaney.
Wednesday 9 April 2014
Nuku‘alofa, Tonga
When the full moon rises on the evening of Tuesday 15 April at 18:24, a lunar eclipse will be already in progress. The whole moon will be obscured by 20:07. Then for 78 minutes the moon will completely remain inside the shadow of the earth; dark and deprived of sunlight. - By Firitia
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