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Thursday 23 May 2019

Nuku'alofa, Tonga
Tonga's drugs problem is on the rise, “like a cancer in the community,” says Psychiatric Specialist, Dr Mapa Puloka, who warns that government is too slow in tackling the epidemic and needs to urgently prioritize more funding before it gets out of hand. He issues a stark prognosis: “If they can’t stop it...what will happen is drug dealers or drug lords will run our government and end up being their puppets because of the power of money.” By Eleanor Gee.
Wednesday 10 January 2018

London, United Kingdom
Since Donald Trump took over the United States presidency a year ago, doubts over his mental stability and his very sanity have been mounting. But, beyond claiming on Twitter that he is a “very stable genius,” what could Trump actually do to prove that he is psychologically fit for what, by some definitions, is the world’s highest office? There is no clear physical test for mental illness. By Raj Persaud and Peter Bruggen
Sunday 18 December 2016

Auckland, New Zealand
Israel Folau and Manu Vatuvei are helping to tackle suicide in New Zealand, by hosting talks about depression as part of a "Road to Redemption" tour around the country this week.
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